Gemeinde Unterkirnach (Druckversion)

Sledding hill

For young and old sledders alike, there is a sledding hill in the “Am Wald” street. Racing descents are safe. It can be found on the town map under the coordinates L 3.
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Toboggan hire in the Play barn

Rental fee, EUR 2.00 (deposit EUR 20.00)

Spielscheune (play barn)
Schlossbergweg 4
Telefonnummer: +49 (0)7721 8008-55

Skating in the Eisstadion Schwenningen

Eisstadion Schwenningen
Zum Mooswäldle 7- 9
78048 Schwenningen
Telefonnummer: +49 (0)7720 62880
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open daily from October to March