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Accommodation Contract

For our holiday guests

Accommodation Contract

  1. An accommodation contract comes into effect once a room or holiday apartment has been reserved, confirmed or spontaneously provided. We recommend written confirmations from both the tenant and the landlord.
  2. The conclusion of an accommodation contract obligates the contractual partners to fulfil the mutual obligations specified for the entire duration of the contract. The landlord is obligated to reserve a room that corresponds to the booking. The tenant is obligated to pay the price for the time (duration) of the booking of the accommodation. A one-sided cancellation is not permitted!
  3. Should the booked accommodation no longer be available, the host (landlord) is obligated to pay the guest compensation.
  4. In the case of non-utilisation of the booked service, the guest (tenant) is obligated to pay the arranged or standard price minus any expenses saved by the landlord. According to previous experience, savings amount to 20% of overnight stays; for half-pension accommodations, 30% and for full-board accommodations, 40% of the contractually arranged price.
  5. The landlord must try to rent out the non-utilised accommodation in good faith in order to avoid any losses. Should another allocation of the accommodation not be possible, the guest must pay for the loss in accordance with point 4.

Note to Accommodation Contract

The prices listed here are non-binding. The offer from your host is binding even if it deviates from the information in the accommodations directory or on these pages. All information listed regarding equipment, prices or availability, etc. is based on the documents provided by the establishments. No guarantee can be given for the completeness, correctness, misprints, etc. of the information given. The Unterkirnach tourist information only acts as a mediator for the accommodation contract. The accommodation contract is to be arranged only between the guest and the landlord.

In case of problems or questions.

In case of problems or questions regarding an accommodation contract or your accommodation, please contact us immediately:

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