Gemeinde Unterkirnach (Druckversion)

Winter hiking experience in Unterkirnach

“He who would like to enjoy a peaceful hike …. is also welcome with open arms in Unterkirnach." Enjoy the vast forests, crystal clear air and hearty Vesper in hidden taverns in the middle of the forest.

In Unterkirnach you will find comfortable, spacious hiking trails and attractive circular hiking trails. The trails are cleared of snow by the community of Unterkirnach and the forestry office of Villingen-Schwenningen. You don’t have to walk through snow banks. You can walk or hike on cleared, gravel roads or on cleared local connecting streets.


In our small brochure “winter times”, we have put together some great tours for you all around Ferienland. You can get this brochure in the Tourist-Information Centre.

Please note! The Unterkirnach winter hiking trails are groomed by local employees. Winter snow removal always has priority. Once all streets and paths are cleared, then the trails are cleared. Thank you for your understanding.