Adventure areas: Gemeinde Unterkirnach


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Adventure areas

Here you will have many memorable experiences!

Adventure areas
Small, but quaint! We Unterkirnachers can say that with pride. Here your holiday will become a unique experience. Discover the charm of our little town on vast walking trails all around the Talsee (valley lake). In the Wild Plant Park you can experience the diversity of Black Forest nature in the smallest of spaces. A completely different kind of Kurpark (spa garden)! “The mill is rattling away by the rushing stream“– at Mills Square right by the Kirnach River, the mill wheel of our historic Kirnach Mill turns. There is much to be discovered here. Simply come and visit us sometime. We are looking forward to seeing you. 

Adventure areas:

  • Mills Square with Kirnach Mill
  • Mill pond with Kneipp facility
  • Talsee with Wild Plant Park

Orchard meadow

Overlooking the Talsee is the vast “orchard meadow”, without which our cultural landscape would not be the same. It is the source for real Black Forest “Moscht”, elsewhere known as cider. The fruits of the very trees in the orchard meadow provided the basic material for the autumnal “fruit presses” and after storage in a barrel and the fermentation process, “Most” was produced for Vesper. 

In the Unterkirnach orchard meadow, 320 old fruit varieties were cultivated. In more than 800 metres here in the Black Forest, resistant fruit varieties were needed that could withstand the cold winters. Nearly extinct varieties are cultivated in Unterkirnach in the orchard meadow. Tree nurseries from near and far come here to cut branches for grafting. 

By the way, today the trees in the orchard meadow are maintained by tree-sponsors. When the trees are well-cared for, the sponsors take in a good fruit harvest in the fall. Enjoy a stroll through the orchard meadow on the “Winterberg” of Unterkirnach.

Wild Plant Park

Holidays in Unterkirnach – this also means spending your holidays in an old cultural landscape. 

Here many ancient customs are still alive and nature is still largely unspoiled. Discover the diverse landscape formations of the Black Forest in the smallest of spaces. Discover the Wild Plant Park of Unterkirnach, unique in the region. More than a Kurpark (spa garden), and much more than simply a recreation facility for Unterkirnachers and holiday guests. It is also a retreat for endangered plants and small animals. A successful experiment of typical landscape elements of the region combined in a model-like natural setting. Here you can not only admire the magnificent natural environment, you can also learn a lot about it. 

Did you know, for example, that there are more animals living in this habitat than in a nicely landscaped culture garden? Do you know how nutrients and soil properties influence the settling of plants? In the Wild Plant Park of Unterkirnach you will find plants that have been long forgotten. Let yourself be taken on an exciting adventure for young and old. 

Stretching far beyond the borders of Baden-Württemberg is the Wild Plant Park at Talsee, established in 1987, uniquely and undoubtedly a pioneering feature. Almost 3,000 tons of gravel and rock were poured on about two hectares of land to form hills, water courses and ponds. 

Particular attention was paid to informative and easily understandable signs, so the visitor can become acquainted with nature and the idea of a nature garden. In this way, the Wild Plant Park is also an extraordinary nature trail.

Water treading – Our health tip

The Unterkirnach Mills Square invites you to participate in a variety of activities. Next to the historical Kirnach Mill, you will find an idyllic place to relax. Goldfish bask in small ponds with species-rich vegetation. Here you can find a little Kneipp wellness oasis. Step into the fresh spring water and tread water. 

Walk in the water like a stork, always lifting one foot completely out of the water with the tip of your foot pointing a little downwards. Make sure that your feet are warm when you begin treading water. Feel the coolness in your feet and lower legs – do not let the cold water dry (!), instead just wipe the water off.  Move your feet vigorously to warm them up. When done in the evening, water treading can help you fall asleep. Water treading is also recommended for treating migraines. In addition, it strengthens the body’s defences and helps to prevent infection.


This is where the merrily babbling Kirnach River originates.  In the valley it is dammed to form the Talsee. Fishermen love this lake for its delicious trout. Water birds find tranquil breeding grounds here. Enjoy the heavenly serenity on a little stroll around the lake. Relax on the shore and enjoy the wonderful evening ambience. By the way, it is charming in any season.

Schlossberg (Castle Hill)

Schlossberg (Castle Hill) is the active centre of Unterkirnach. Here sports enthusiasts find everything the heart desires. The sports field for our active soccer club. Every year a youth soccer camp is offered during the summer holidays. Feel like playing tennis? No problem. The outdoor courts of the Unterkirnach tennis club are available for our guests to use every weekday morning (fees apply). Please reserve the tennis courts in the Tourist Information Centre. 

In the sports centre, several bowling alleys await sport and leisure bowlers. Did you know that in Unterkirnach there are a lot of active bowlers who take this sport very seriously?

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